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Rating First Name Last Name Province City Country
2.50TedFisherTNKnoxvilleUSAView ratings 
2.50NormFisherSKSaskatoonCanadaView ratings 
2.50JaneFerrierOntarioMidlandCanadaView ratings 
2.50PeterFergusonBCVancouverCanadaView ratings 
2.50AndrewFeniukMbWinnipegCanadaView ratings 
2.50Ken (aka. Ke)FangCaliforniaTemple CityUSAView ratings 
2.50RhondaEnnisBCVancouverCanadaView ratings 
2.50LyseFreebornOntOttawaCanadaView ratings 
2.50BillGabelOregonBeavertonUSAView ratings 
2.50HuseinGandhiOntarioThornhillL3T 3C3View ratings 
2.50AlexGrintonOntarioBrantfordCanadaView ratings 
2.50TaylorGreeneOntarioTorontoCanadaView ratings 
2.50RobertGreeneNCForest CityRutherfordView ratings 
2.50TammyGrayBCVictoriaCanadaView ratings 
2.50HelenGrantBritish ColumbiaNorth VancouverCanadaView ratings 
2.50KevinGoyerSKSaskatoonCanadaView ratings 
2.50RonGledhillPACenter ValleyUSAView ratings 
2.50MichaelGlasserOntarioLondonCanadaView ratings 
2.50JoshGibsonMNWinnipegCanadaView ratings 
2.50PegGernsPennsylvaniaBethlehemUSAView ratings 

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